R3 Vac Robot Helps Keep Hilton Garden Inn Sparkling Clean

R3 Vac Robot Helps Keep Hilton Garden Inn Sparkling Clean

As a leader in supplying innovative solutions to the hospitality industry, PHHS is proud to announce the latest addition to our cleaning technology: the R3 Vac commercial robot vacuum cleaner manufactured by Lionsbot International.

Features of the R3 Vac:

  • Superior suction power—ensures floors stay clean and dust-free at all times
  • Nimble and compact—allows the robot to get into corners and underneath tables
  • Advanced robotics technology—helps detect dirt and enables it to navigate around obstacles
  • Autonomous setting—allows for hands-free cleaning and self-docking of the robot

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The R3 Vac Supports Housekeeping Staff

The R3 Vac is a fully autonomous robot vacuum, thoroughly tested and loved by PHHS and our partner Hilton Garden Inn. The robot performs repetitive and redundant vacuuming work while ensuring the property stays thoroughly clean.

We asked Nicole Butler, the Housekeeping supervisor at the Hilton Garden Inn, about her experience working with autonomous robots (cobots). She appreciates the time her staff saves by using cleaning robots. Hear her full report on the video:


Cutting-Edge Technology for a Cleaner Space

The R3 Vac features cutting-edge technology and design that sets it apart from traditional robot vacuum cleaners. Its powerful suction and advanced filtration system provide a deep clean that ensures a healthier and more hygienic environment for guests and employees. It uses sensor technology to navigate spaces quietly and efficiently, and it can run independently or with an employee.

"We are proud to offer the R3 Vac to our customers. Our goal is always to provide the best possible cleaning solutions, and the R3 Vac, manufactured by Lionsbot International, certainly fits that goal. We are confident that our customers will love it as much as we do."

- Kevin Kilkeary Jr.

Watch the R3 Vac at work in this video:


Pricing and Buying a Commercial Robot Vacuum

Robots like the R3 Vac offer impressive ROI—after an initial investment, which includes set-up, training and deployment, the robot becomes an integral tool that increases productivity and efficiency of staff. Each day, housekeeping staff can focus on more specialized tasks, leaving the R3 to autonomously vacuum rooms, lobbies, restaurant floors and more. Or pair an R3 with an employee for partnered cleaning tasks.

PHHS currently sells the R3 Vac by Lionsbot for $20,000. This cost includes customized set up assistance and on-call support to ensure the robot performs as needed for your property. This simple set cost is a valuable tool in creating your overall operations plan and budget.

Cobotics for Hospitality

In addition to the R3 Vac, PHHS has multiple hotels using the R3 Scrubber, also manufactured by Lionsbot International, and has had great feedback and results from hotel general managers, hotel staff and guests. Robotics continue to help hotels and restaurants retain high standards of cleanliness while alleviating stress on employees.

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