We Believe in Better Hotel Health and Efficiency

Combining our generations of experience in hotel management, development, and consulting with our background in medical sales, we put together a plan to create a hotel experience that would minimize health risks and increase efficiency without compromising on comfort. The result was a comprehensive product inventory that would empower hotel managers to reassure guests that their hotels were going above and beyond to meet their needs.



Our Experience

For generations, hotels have been at the center of our family's lives. We have built, managed, and provided a diverse set of services to hotels all over the country. We understand the nuances of working with all major hotel brands and we know the many important roles that hotels play in the communities where they are located, so we have made it our mission to give the hotel industry a path forward and to provide hotel managers, associates, and guests a sense of security, no matter what health obstacles come our way. By merging this with our background working in the medical industry and our knowledge of the products and practices needed to reduce the risk of disease transmission, Prospera Health and Hospitality Services was born.

About PHHS

Hotel Floor Cleaning Robotics



Clean Hotel Lobby with Food Deliverable

Our Consulting Process

Our process begins by scheduling an initial phone or video consultation with one of our team members who have been trained to assess vulnerabilities and to identify opportunities for improvement. From there, we will make a set of recommendations about how to incorporate our product line into your hotel operations.



Our Product Inventory

We have assembled an inventory of specialty products that will integrate seamlessly into your hotel. Our product line has been carefully curated to include state-of-the-art technology, such as delivery, cleaning, and food service robotics, UVC machines and touchless transaction solutions, as well antiviral liners, and cleaning products that reduce risk without sacrificing the quality of your guests' stay. 

Most of our products are now available to purchase online, or you call us anytime for expert advice on the products your hotel may need, or on how to make bulk orders. 



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