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Technology innovations for cleaning and service

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Health Meets Hospitality

We help hotels and restaurants welcome and comfort guests with safe, stylish and effective health and sanitation solutions.

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Robots for Hotels & Restaurants

Innovative Solutions for Modern Hospitality

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Prospera Health and Hospitality Services is uniquely positioned to usher the hotel industry into a future that is cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable. With a leadership team of experienced hoteliers and medical experts, we have prepared comprehensive procedures and a curated, specialty product inventory that will allow hotels to achieve medical-grade cleanliness and maximum efficiency without sacrificing style or comfort.

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Innovative Solutions in Hospitality

PHHS offers robotics that provide solutions for the hospitality industry’s key challenges: limited staffing, ongoing cleaning and rote tasks, and the need to serve and delight guests. We sell a variety of robotics that work alongside staff to improve efficiency and operations at hotels and restaurants

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contactless ordering and delivery to guest rooms

tableside food and drink delivery

housekeeping supplies delivery

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window cleaning

floor scrubbing

air purification

UV cleaning of all surfaces and air

pool cleaning

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