Autonomous Delivery Robots Improve the Guest Experience

What is a delivery robot?

Autonomous delivery robots are intelligent machines that can deliver items and operate independently without direct human control or intervention. As an efficient and reliable contactless delivery option, robots provide a safe and pleasant experience for both guests and employees. Delivery robots are already widely used in a variety of industries but aren’t very common yet in the hospitality industry. With the aim of innovating hospitality, PHHS offers a delivery robot that can take guest requests, deliver room service or housekeeping items, and then return to base, where it will charge itself as needed.

Hotel delivery robot models and capabilities

At Prospera Health and Hospitality Services, we offer the Richie hotel delivery robot, which is designed to support hotel workers. The Richie robot has the capabilities to:

  • Autonomously deliver food and drinks to guest rooms
  • Operate elevators by itself, allowing access to any level within the building
  • Store items in its enclosed compartment for safety and sanitization
  • Operate with up to 8 hours of battery life to complete entire shifts and then charge itself
  • Travel over any type of floor surface
  • Continuously scan to avoid obstacles and map efficient routes

Richie takes item delivery to the next level—literally!

Richie robot specifications

Richie robot is designed to deliver a variety of items while easily navigating hotel hallways and elevators. The features and specifications include:

  • 38 inches tall and 19.6 inches in diameter
  • Weighs 99.2 pounds and can carry up to 22 pounds
  • 3.5 hour charging time with a battery life of 6 to 8 hours
  • Automatically moves back to its base to recharge when needed
  • Running speed of 2.95 feet per second, similar to a human’s walking speed
  • SLAM and LiDAR mapping technology make up for 7 onboard sensors, helping Richie navigate through crowds and tight spaces
  • Enclosed compartment for safe and sanitized cargo storage

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Delivery robots deliver—and not just the food

Although a quiet colleague, Richie carries a heavy load. From transporting food and beverages as part of the room service team, to taking dirty laundry to the washing machine to assist Housekeeping, the Richie delivery robot can support every department. It can even take orders from guests and take trash out to the curb! Delivery robots are independent workers but also great team players.

Ready to impress your hotel guests with digital orders and automated deliveries? To reduce some of the workload of your employees, freeing up their hands to focus on your guests? Contact us to discuss how Richie can help take your guest services to the next level.

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