Enlarged open Waiter Robot by autoxing

Waiter Robot | Food Service

waiter robots autonomously serve tables

With the world turning to technology to streamline businesses and maximize revenue, the hospitality industry has continued to evolve. Autoxing’s Enlarged Open Waiter Robot, now offered by Prospera Health and Hospitality Services, focuses on the needs and wants of restaurants and their guests while helping staff work more efficiently.

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product specs
  • AI Navigation for shortest-route delivery
  • Visual/LIDAR/Ultrasonic flexible obstacle avoidance
  • 4 Trays (19.69" x 16.69") with 22lbs. each weight capacity
  • Phone App for remote calling


product features
  • Serves and buses dishes autonomously
  • Tray size and weight capacity can be adjusted
  • Multiple interaction modes
  • Intelligent robot scheduling system
Waitress serving guests in busy restaurant with help of food service robot

restaurant robots deliver smiles to your guests

Our food delivery robots can take care of your guests from food ordering and delivering to removing dirty dishes. It can navigate around your restaurant autonomously, helping you keep your hands free for other things. In addition, the service robot can interact with visitors, using its touchscreen interface and sound system. It’s a unique way to engage and entertain your guests.

empty restaurant showing robotic usage options

designed with restaurants in mind

Waiter robots are a great support to restaurant staff because they reduce the workload and take over tedious tasks. Autoxing’s new service robot is a great example of how robots can independently carry out tasks and help your restaurant operations run smoothly.

Contact Prospera Health and Hospitality Services to discuss how we can incorporate robotics into your restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

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