Improve Cleanliness and Safety with Autonomous Cleaning Robots

With already overworked staff and an increased need for cleanliness, alternative solutions need to be implemented to keep the hospitality industry operating safely, efficiently and without disruptions. PHHS has found a new way to clean areas without additional staff or harmful chemicals required—cleaning robots! Cleaning robots can give businesses the time back they need to get other tasks done while simultaneously keeping their facilities up to the highest cleanliness standards.


Meet the R3 Line: Independent, Quiet and Powerful

The R3 Scrub

This autonomous floor-scrubbing robot features a sleek, modern design and a personality all its own. Its large display allows for interactivity and customization for greetings, key messages and facial expressions that are sure to delight guests. Though it excels in cuteness, it dominates in performance. The R3 Scrub boasts a cleaning speed of up to 12,916 sq.ft. per hour and a 5.54 gallon water capacity tank. It can automatically charge itself, drain the wastewater tank, and refill the clean water tank creating a truly autonomous cleaning experience.



The R3 Vac 

The little sister to the R3 Scrub, the R3 Vac, packs a lot of cleaning power into a small package — just 28.74" tall. With only a 59DB noise level, it can vacuum hallways and common areas without disturbing guests and clean the air with its built-in HEPA filter as it does. It features the same large display and interactivity features as the R3 Scrub making it perfect for guest interaction as well. The R3 Vac was designed with dual brushes and side brushes for high-grade autonomous cleaning and comes equipped with a docking station for autonomous charging. It is any business's perfect cleaning companion. 



Guest Room Vacuuming Made Easy

The Rosie Robotic Vacuum Cleaner was designed to make housekeepers' jobs less strenuous and their processes more efficient by taking away the monotonous task of vacuuming. It uses LiDAR technology to detect obstacles and map out rooms as it goes — no pre-mapping required. Rosie is equipped with high-powered motors and the same batteries as Tesla cars making its vacuuming power strong enough to pick up dirt in just one pass. Just Press Play and Walk Away.  

Learn More about Rosie


Streak Free Windows at the Touch of a Button

The Hobot-298 Robot isn't just for windows. Housekeepers and housemen can use these small but mighty robots for mirrors and shower glass as well—cutting down cleaning time and giving them more time for other tasks. It nebulizes water into a 15-micrometer dense mist to dissolve dust and polish with no watermarks left behind. The Hobot-298 is equipped with automatic edge detection and smart route planning to get the job done thoroughly and quickly.

view the Hobot-298

An Ongoing Solution to New Cleaning Guidelines

Our cleaning robots are designed to take on the job of cleaning large areas in less time. They aid hoteliers in getting the help they need during this labor shortage and free up the hands of cleaning staff to focus on more detailed projects. Windows in the lobby don't have to be pushed to the back of the to-do list. Rooms don't have to be hung due to lack of staff to clean them. Quality cleanliness doesn't have to be sacrificed thanks to cleaning robotics.

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