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Cleaning a pool can be very time-consuming. Pool vacuum robots are a solution that can guarantee consistent cleaning without taking up additional time for cleaning staff. Just plug it in and place it in the water, and the pool-cleaning robot will do the rest. Besides the bottom of the pool, these pool robots scrub the walls, the scum line, filter debris and even mix the water as they move to keep the chemicals in balance. Incorporating one of these robotic pool cleaners into a maintenance routine is safe and easy.

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optimized cleaning technology

Wave pool cleaning robots are energy efficient, easy to use, and utilize patented cleaning technology to provide complete coverage of the pool. With several models to choose from, they are ideal for all pool sizes.

Pool cleaning robots — a solution with a splash!

product features

  • Dual scrubbing brushes and center active scrubber
  • Cleaning cycle time: Quick - 1.5 hrs. / Standard - 2.5 hrs. / Enhanced - 3.5 hrs.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Caddy and remote control included
a pool cleaning robot for every purpose

a model for every purpose

Every pool cleaning model that PHHS offers provides superior pool cleaning with less effort. The scrubbing brushes powerfully scrub away algae and bacteria while the superior filtration system creates clean, healthy water. A robotic pool cleaner is an effective, time-saving solution to help you maintain your pool through all seasons. With several models to choose from, Wave pool cleaning robots are ideal for all pool sizes—from home pools to hotel, condo and apartment pools.

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different needs– different robots

Pool vacuum robots can guarantee a consistently clean pool. Most of our models go beyond the pool bottom— scrubbing the walls, eliminating unsightly scum lines, filtering debris, and even circulating the water to keep chemicals in balance. Select the model for your property by filtering through the options below.


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