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As with schools and hotels, frequent cleanings are paramount to preventing the spread of infectious diseases and harmful bacteria in senior living and retirement communities. Unfortunately, these facilities have also felt the strain of employee shortages and limited resources. PHHS provides robots for automated facility cleaning, room delivery, dining room table services, and more to help assisted living communities maintain cleaner, more efficient, and safer environments for the health of our senior citizens.

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robotics for senior living & retirement communities

The robotic solutions offered by PHHS enable senior living and retirement communities to operate more efficiently and safely without interfering with the comfort of residents. Senior citizens have higher risks of infection so keeping living quarters and communal areas clean is paramount to their health. With staffing shortages impacting the quality of care provided in many senior living and retirement communities, service robots provide a safe and effective solution.

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why senior living communities need robotics

Cleaning robots can help senior living communities combat the spread of viruses and infections by covering more areas in less time. Cleaning staff can work more effectively and efficiently with the support of vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting robots. Additionally, waiter robots and delivery robots can help serve food, carry dirty dishes, and even deliver trays to rooms. This frees up the time of employees so they can give more personal attention to residents. PHHS offers a variety of robot models that can assist senior living and retirement communities in caring for the health and well-being of residents.

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uv disinfection products

uv disinfection products

Simple to use, automated, quiet and effective, UV disinfection products fully sterilize commonly touched surfaces and hard-to-clean areas without using water or chemicals. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to disinfect all kinds of objects and surfaces. Senior living communities can utilize UV disinfecting robots and devices to lighten the load of the cleaning staff while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

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The health, safety and well-being of residents are the top priorities for any senior living or retirement community. PHHS offers personalized consultations tailored to individual properties to help them determine the optimal products and quantities for their facilities. We'll also ensure our products are integrated seamlessly into community rhythms and employee processes. Contact us to schedule a free consultation or request more information about any of our robots or products. We'd love to help.

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