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service robots & cleaning technology

Businesses require constant innovation to create operational efficiencies, meet cleaning and disinfection standards, and meet the needs of guests and staff members. New technologies, including innovative robotics, are offering businesses such as hotels, restaurants, educational facilities, senior-living facilities, and commercial companies the opportunity to delight guests, ease employment concerns and prepare for whatever the future may hold.


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automate tasks to support your team

Prospera Health and Hospitality offers various robots to help your operations and staff thrive. Whether you're looking to automate tasks, improve cleaning practices, or ease your team's workload, we've got the robot for you!

Waiter Robot serving food to guests

waiter robots

Autonomous food service robots are designed to give guests a more efficient experience while simultaneously easing the workload of staff. These robots can assist with an array of tasks ranging from bussing and waiting to seating and marketing. PHHS has vetted out the best waiter robots on the market to give restaurant owners, hoteliers and other business owners a range of options to fit their needs. 

Food Service Robots

Cleaning Robot vacuuming the floor of a hotel room

cleaning robots

Hotels and restaurants never have to put rote cleaning tasks aside due to a lack of staff with the help of autonomous cleaning robots. Cleaning robots have the capability of handling monotonous, time-consuming tasks so employees can handle other important jobs, nurture guest interactions, and increase guest satisfaction.

Cleaning Robots

Delivery Robot bringing clean towels to hotel staff

delivery robots 

Autonomous delivery robots are the perfect way to introduce, reintroduce, or streamline hotel room service. They supply a safer, contactless delivery option to not only please guests but ease the mind of staff as well. They offer an array of functionalities from restaurant room service and outside food delivery to delivering pantry items and fresh linens. 

Autonomous Delivery Robots

technology solutions for your business

With cutting-edge robotics technology, Prospera Health & Hospitality Services can help you welcome guests efficiently and comfortably while also easing the workload of your staff. Robots can work alongside your staff to create a positive experience and a cleaner work environment.

Whether you need UV disinfection robots to efficiently clean guest rooms, delivery robots to safely fulfill room service requests, or a robot waiter to serve plates during the lunch rush, PHHS can help you find the right solutions for your property. Request more information or schedule a FREE online consultation to discuss your property's specific needs.

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ready for a robot?

Learn more about how to get started with a cleaning robot, room-service robot or food-service robot. Whatever your business needs, PHHS provides the support and training to ensure your robot becomes a valuable team member with strong ROI.

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