Waiter Robots: The Future of Food Service

Impress your guests with more than just your food. Waiter robots can help increase efficiency and create a safer environment for your staff and guests. Prospera Health and Hospitality offers food delivery robots that can take away dirty dishes, deliver food and beverages to your guests, and are an all-around helpful part of the team.


Staffing shortages can limit your business’ success, and overworked employees deliver decreased productivity. Our food service robots don’t take away jobs from your employees. Instead, restaurant robots support your employees by carrying heavy trays and dirty dishes so that your staff can focus on what they do best: offering high-quality service to your guests.

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What is a food service robot?

A food service robot, as the name suggests, is a robot that functions much like a waiter, with more abilities than you may expect.

Our food service robots can:

  • Take orders and deliver food and drinks to your guests
  • Carry dirty dishes back to the kitchen with its unique ability to open doors
  • Handle payments, orders, checkout and more
  • Learn routes and tasks and maneuver around tables, guests and employees
  • Work independently and navigate across different floor surfaces and inclines with ease
  • Work alongside staff and other delivery robots

The robot can save your employees significant time taking orders, making food deliveries and processing payments. In short, the restaurant robot serves you and your customers from kitchen to table: easy, safe and smart.

Waiter robot models

At Prospera Health and Hospitality Services, we offer autonomous food service robots, designed to support restaurant workers. We offer a variety of innovative models:

CLOi ServeBot

CLOi ServeBot is a serving specialist that can safely and efficiently navigate, even through complex spaces. Once ServeBot is set up, this smart server can perform simple and repetitive tasks fully autonomously, providing perfect service whenever and wherever you need it. Besides restaurants, CLOi ServeBot can also conveniently be used in hotels, resorts and residences.

ServeBot comes in two variations:

  • A shelf type, for easy access
  • A drawer type, for safer transportation and temperature control

CLOi ServeBot



The Matradee is a food service robot that can work independently to serve guests and support staff. Depending on the design you choose, the robot can carry a variety of plates, trays and drinks. This smart waiter can navigate crowded rooms, open doors, ride elevators and learn routes using smart-sensing technology. Watch the video below to see how this technology prevents Matradee from bumping into objects or people.

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Matradee X

The Matradee X is an even sturdier model that also has the ability to go outside for curbside deliveries. You can tailor the trays to your needs to make this handy and independent robot even better equipped to help out your staff. With the ability to open doors, Matradee X can roll outside, navigating its way through obstacles to deliver efficient curbside service to your guests.

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Matradee L

The Matradee L is a lighter, slimmer model than previous Matradees, allowing for it to be faster and able to navigate through more complicated areas, such as busy restaurants with a complex layout. With fewer trays, the Matradee L can carry bigger, heavier loads. This handy and independent robot is equipped with an advanced touchscreen, allowing for increased user-friendliness. With updated software and increased memory storage, the Matradee L can navigate bigger areas and remember more routes.

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Restaurant robot specifications

Both robot models have similar specifications and capabilities, including:

  • 12-14 hour battery life and returns to its charging station automatically
  • Compact design with a low center of gravity, allowing it to swiftly navigate within a 24-inch space
  • Visual Nac and LiDAR, allowing the robot to easily navigate and interpret its surroundings up to 20 feet
  • Fast reaction time and Machine Vision to avoid obstacles and safely navigate around staff and guests
  • Smart Scheduling computing for maximum efficiency


Automate your restaurant with a waiter robot

Looking to impress your guests with the latest technology in food service? Matradee robots are designed with restaurants in mind. Improve your operations by letting this robot support your staff and increase your efficiency. The sleek design, user-friendliness and independence of Matradee make it the ultimate solution for any restaurant.

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