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Impress your guests with more than just your food. Waiter robots can help increase efficiency and create a safer environment for your staff and guests. Prospera Health and Hospitality offers food service robots that can take away dirty dishes, deliver food and beverages, and function as an all-around helpful part of the team.

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how waiter robots can support your staff

product uses
  • Take orders and deliver food and drinks 
  • Carry dirty dishes back to the kitchen with its unique ability to open doors
  • Handle payments, orders, checkout and more
  • Learn routes and tasks and maneuver around tables, guests and employees
  • Work independently and navigate across different floor surfaces and inclines with ease
  • Work alongside staff and other delivery robots
automate food service with a waiter robot

automate food service with a waiter robot

Looking to impress your guests with the latest technology in food service? Waiter robots are designed with restaurants in mind. Improve your operations by letting these robots support your staff and increase your efficiency. Their sleek design, user-friendliness and independence make them the ultimate solution for food service support.

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Support your staff and drive efficiency

support your staff and drive efficiency

Staffing shortages can limit your business’s success, and overworked employees deliver lower productivity. Our food service robots don’t take away jobs from your employees. Instead, restaurant robots support your employees by carrying heavy trays and dirty dishes so that your staff can focus on what they do best: offering high-quality service to your guests.


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What is a food

service robot?

A food service robot is a robot that functions much like a waiter, with more abilities than you may expect.

These robots can save your employees significant time taking orders, making food deliveries and processing payments. In short, the restaurant robot serves you and your customers from kitchen to table: easy, safe and smart.

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