Robots Help Elevate Hotel Operations

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Hotel owners may have different reasons for looking at robotics and automation to carry some of the workload. But no matter your motivation, robots really are a great supplement to your existing crew.

When the Hilton Garden Inn added a fleet of robots to support their staff, they found amazing results! Immediately, their team was able to simplify routine tasks, increase cleanliness, reduce employee workload, automate operations and improve guest experience.

The Success Story

How Robots Help

The Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Airport Hotel was looking to improve hotel operations and reach three main goals:

  • Improve cleanliness
  • Simplify routine tasks
  • Manage staffing shortages


Improve Cleanliness

Given their staffing challenges, hiring additional housekeeping staff wasn’t an option to achieve quality cleanliness. The hotel looked for alternative ways to help clean and disinfect rooms, common areas and hallways. After a consultation and cost estimate with our team, we introduced air purifiers and sanitation products.

In addition to these handy tools, the hotel wasn’t afraid to experiment with some of the latest technology: cleaning robots. The hotels’ robotic sanitation fleet now includes:

The use of cleaning robots helps housekeeping staff reduce cleaning time while improving cleaning standards. It also helps reduce staff exposure to chemicals, as well as potentially dangerous bacteria and/or viruses. Using robots helps keep your staff and guests safe.

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Simplify Routine Tasks

“Instead of vacuuming the room, you put [the robot] in the room, press play and walk away. Once it is done vacuuming the room, it goes right back to where you started it from. It is a lot easier and takes pressure off of the housekeepers.”

–Nicole Butler, Housekeeping Supervisor at Hilton Garden Inn

With the help of the cleaning robots mentioned above and food service robots to help serve guests, the Hilton Garden Inn significantly reduced the time spent on tedious tasks. In addition to reducing the overall employee workload, allowing more time for staff to focus on providing quality service to guests, the use of robots also helped monitor things such as occupancy, inventory and scheduling, taking into account the frequency and time spent on tasks.

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Solve Staffing Shortages with Hospitality Robots

“With us being short-staffed, I think it helped a lot… The floor scrubber, the lobby area is very big. Instead of having someone mopping that area every day, [the robot] did a great job.”

–Nicole Butler, Housekeeping Supervisor at Hilton Garden Inn


New technology and robotic solutions are a great way to ease the strain on staff while maintaining cleanliness and efficiency. Besides our cleaning robots helping the housekeeping staff, we also introduced restaurant robots to the property’s restaurant and room service robots to support the hotel as well as the restaurant. These robots include:


Restaurant Robots Improve Operations

The Hilton hotel has now worked with a robot fleet for a few years and is ecstatic about the results. We have uncovered three key benefits of implementing robotics into hotel and restaurant operations.

  1. Increased Efficiency: They don’t get tired, they don’t take breaks and they never ask for vacation. Robots consistently show up for their job–on time– and work around the clock. This makes them great additions to your human staff, as they reliably serve guests, clean up and deliver more than just food: they bring service!
  2. Clear Consistency: Programmed to follow specific routes, protocols and rules, robots deliver consistent work. Whether that be clean floors, crystal clear windows or fed restaurant guests, the service is thorough.
  3. Saving Costs: Investing in robotic technology doesn’t go without consideration. But, the initial purchase has a quick return on investment. Reducing human error, carrying out tedious tasks and prolonging the lifespan of your hotel furniture and decor by using correct and gentle–yet effective– cleaning methods really does pay off!


Find the Right Robots for Your Business

Incorporating robotics in your hotel and restaurant operations isn’t just an investment in your property: it’s an investment in your staff. Back-breaking work and heavy workloads are replaced by improved cleanliness and increased productivity. What more could you ask for?

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