Smooth Operators: How Prospera Works to Make Your Visit Seamless

Smooth Operators: How Prospera Works to Make Your Visit Seamless

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services provides hotels and restaurants with a range of innovative solutions to increase safety and hospitality. With our extensive hotel management experience and thorough understanding of the medical industry, the PHHS team provides personalized process and product consulting to help reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

First Impressions Are Key

From the moment your guest checks in, they should feel welcome and comfortable. PHHS helps hotels make a memorable first impression by introducing the latest technology, products and even robots to support cleaning and safety initiatives.

Help your guests sleep better with anti-viral bedding and air purifiers to help keep your hotel safe and clean for everybody.

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Improving Cleanliness with UV Technology

UV cleaning technology utilizes ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful pathogens and improve cleanliness. By incorporating UV cleaning technology into hotels and restaurants, hospitality establishments can provide additional protection and reduce reliance on potentially harmful disinfectants. This technology enhances hygiene standards, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for guests and staff.

While guests are waiting to check in, they can disinfect their cellphones and car keys in a UV-Clean Cube or get their shoes cleaned without chemicals using the HealthySole UVC Unit. At some of our partnering properties, guests can spot the ARC UV-C at work in the conference room.

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Integrating Robots to Increase Efficiency

Robots present a valuable opportunity to enhance efficiency in hotels and restaurants. These automated machines can be deployed in various tasks such as room service, food delivery and cleaning, which reduces the workload for staff and streamlines operations.

Whether your guests see robotic vacuum cleaners at work in the hallways, are served by a waiter robot in your restaurant, or receive room service from a food delivery robot, they are sure to remember their unique experience at your hotel.

Some of our favorite robots for the hospitality industry include:

By utilizing robots, properties can improve service speed, accuracy and consistency, improving customer satisfaction. Furthermore, robots can work around the clock, minimizing downtime and allowing staff to focus on more complex or personalized guest interactions. Implementing robots in the hospitality industry can optimize the overall efficiency and productivity of hotels and restaurants, which in turn can increase their revenue.

At PHHS, we are committed to helping guests feel comfortable, welcome and relaxed, and our products and services reflect this dedication. Contact Prospera Health and Hospitality Services to discuss how we can incorporate the latest technology into your property's day-to-day operations.


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