Why Hospitality is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Why Hospitality is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services (PHHS) is a daughter company of Prospera Hospitality, a hotel and restaurant management company out of Pittsburgh, PA. So, it should come as no surprise that we value hospitality. A lot.

Hospitality is a pivotal part of our business’s success. When we talk about hospitality, we think of a positive guest experience, building brand loyalty, strengthening customer relationships and ultimately: driving revenue.

So how do we do that?

Create a positive guest experience

When guests feel welcomed and appreciated by a hotel or restaurant, this can have a positive impact on their visit and overall satisfaction. As a result, they are more likely to recommend your hotel to their friends, as well as share positive experiences about it online.

The first step to a positive guest experience is training your staff to provide excellent customer service. But to take things to the next level, we’d like to introduce robotics to create memorable experiences, offering unique services and taking cleanliness to the next level.


Build brand loyalty

Whether you’re thinking of your staff or your guests, brand loyalty is an important aspect of running a successful business. You know what they say:

“A business is only as good as its employees.”

So make sure you invest in them! At PHHS, we like to involve our staff in various aspects of our business. This helps build connectivity to the organization. We like to think of training as an investment in our employees rather than an expense. After all, investing in your employees is investing in your business!

And in order to best support our staff, we invest in robotics. Rather than taking away the workload of staff, robots help to keep our team safe from harmful cleaning chemicals and tiring chores and free up time that can be spent with our guests instead.

Create a memorable experience

How do you get people talking about your business and how do you use that to attract new and returning visitors? At PHHS, we’re one of the first hotel managers to offer something quite unique: robotics!

  • Waiter robots: Autonomous food service robots are designed to give guests a more efficient (and fun!) experience while easing the workload of staff.
  • Delivery robots: Autonomous delivery robots are the perfect way to introduce, reintroduce, or streamline hotel room service.
  • Cleaning robots: Cleaning robots have the capability of handling monotonous, time-consuming tasks so employees can handle other important jobs, such as creating outstanding guest experiences.

We have plenty more technology to offer to help your hotel stand out from the crowd and give your guests a unique, memorable experience.

Robotics and Technology

Great service equals great revenue

Positive guest experiences aren’t just good for your hotel’s image, it can also drive revenue!

Excellent service improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus generating repeat visitors and new guests based on recommendations. This leads directly to increased revenue and can even snowball into huge revenue increases (think of each guest who has a positive experience returning and forwarding one friend, who does the same). Not to speak of how great the effect on your staff will be!

Interested in working with Prospera Health and Hospitality Services to improve your hospitality services? Reach out to our team today to learn about our offer!

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