How to Choose the Right Robot for Your Hotel

How to Choose the Right Robot for Your Hotel

A successful hotel consists of complex operational models and many moving parts. Implementing robotics into your hotel operations is a relatively easy way to alleviate some of the smaller, time-consuming tasks.

With the rising popularity of advanced technology in the hospitality industry, such as waiter robots in restaurants, hotels should be looking for opportunities to automate and streamline operations, assist hotel staff and improve the guest experience.

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Automating Hotel Operations With Robots

With a great variety of hospitality robots out there, we have identified three main categories of robots that can support hotel staff throughout the property:

  1. Cleaning robots assist with daily monotonous cleaning tasks such as floor cleaning, window cleaning and pool cleaning.
  2. Waiter robots are designed to help your existing wait staff by allowing them to spend less time bussing and running food and more time interacting with your guests.
  3. Delivery Robots can help expand your room service operations and answer guest requests.

When implemented correctly, robots can work autonomously alongside your staff, improve hotel operations and wow your guests!

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Questions to Help You Build Your Robot Fleet

Once you have selected the category of robot(s) needed for your hotel property, we can get into the specifics and find the perfect technology for you. There are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect robot such as:

  1. How many floors does your hotel have?
  2. How many rooms does your hotel have?
  3. Does your hotel have a pool? If so, what are the dimensions?
  4. What type of flooring does your hotel have? (Ex. Carpet, Tile, etc.)
  5. Do you have an onsite restaurant?
  6. Are there many large windows in your building?
  7. Are there any large conference rooms or ballrooms? If so, how many square feet are they?
  8. How many elevators do you have? Who manufactures and services them?

These questions help you understand what technology your hotel can benefit from. For example, knowing the number of floors and rooms of your hotel is helpful in deciding how many robots are needed to cover the grounds; the size of your pool helps determine which pool-cleaning robot will be best; and details about your windows can help select the right window-cleaning robot.

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Onsite Restaurant Robots

For those hotels with onsite restaurants, we also offer various waiter robots. Most of our robots are multi-purpose and can be used in both hotels and restaurants. Think of our food delivery robot, window cleaning robot, or the trusty floor vacuum and mop robots.


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After answering the above questions, you can start building your robot fleet. You can select the models yourself on our website, or our team can assist you. Schedule a free Introductory consultation to get started (it will only take about 5–10 minutes of your time).

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