How to Implement Cleaning Robots Into Your Workflow

How to Implement Cleaning Robots Into Your Workflow

Will Robots Work for My Business?

A lot of businesses today are struggling to find the employees they need to complete daily cleaning tasks and keep their facilities up to their standards of cleanliness. In search of alternative options, business owners might look to the use of autonomous robots, but the task of bringing this technology into their operations can be overwhelming!

"Will my workers adopt to this type of help?"

"Can my employees adapt to a change in their workflow?"

"How can I make sure my staff feels comfortable using these robots as tools?"


PHHS Helps Teams Integrate Robotics

These questions are quite common and extremely valid, but that is where Prospera Health and Hospitality Services (PHHS) steps in. Because PHHS is the sister company to Prospera Hospitality, a hotel management company for over 20 years, their team has years of experience working with hotel staff and an array of knowledge on what standard operating procedures work best. PHHS took that knowledge and brought it to a hotel demonstration/test site where they worked with hotel staff to develop new standard operating procedures that included the use of robotics. After months of practice and many trials and errors, PHHS can recommend the best tactics for implementing robots into your workflow.


How to Implement Cleaning Robots into Your Workflow

"It starts from the top —> down. Management has to make using the robots not optional. Management has to be excited about it. Management has to ease their staff's minds about job security. "

- Kevin Kilkeary, President of PHHS


Step 1: Ensure that upper management and ownership are fully on board in driving compliance. 

Step 2: Reiterate that the robots are tools to help make staff workload easier and help allocate more time to other tasks. They are not there to take away anyone's job.

Step 3: Implement best practices for standard operating procedures (SOPs) taught by PHHS at the time of robot implementation. 

Step 4: Take care of the robots like you would any other machinery/equipment by cleaning and maintaining them regularly to ensure optimal performance.




Schedule a Robotics Consultation

Incorporating robotics into your business does not have to be a daunting task. Let the PHHS team take care of it. We will come to your property and spend time with your team during the implementation process to make sure that staff is comfortable with using the robots and knowledgeable about the SOPs.


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