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When thinking about senior living facilities, robotics may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, PHHS offers three types of autonomous robots that can greatly benefit all types of senior living communities: UV disinfection robots, cleaning robots and delivery robots.

Improve Health & Safety With UV Disinfection

UV disinfection robots and devices use UV light to sterilize objects, areas or even entire rooms. UV light is known for its infection-control capabilities and can destroy drug-resistant bacteria, viruses, harmful microorganisms, and chemical-resistant parasites in a fraction of the time it takes other cleaning methods.

UV disinfection technology enables senior living facilities to stop or slow the spread of viruses by consistently sanitizing common areas and surfaces without inconveniencing residents. This greatly improves the health and safety of a community, as well as the efficiency of cleaning staff.

In addition to UV disinfection robots and devices, we also offer various products that help keep rooms clean all year round:

UV Cleaning Devices


Let Robots Do the Cleaning

Commercial cleaning robots are another example of how technology can support housekeepers or janitorial staff by taking on part of the workload and keeping employees safe from cleaning chemicals.

PHHS offers various tools to help keep properties sterile, including anti-viral bedding and air purifiers. In addition, we offer different floor cleaning robots, including vacuuming and scrubbing robots. Using these efficient and effective robots to clean large spaces and common areas will free up the time of employees to focus on other tasks.

Cleaning Robots

In addition to everyday cleaning responsibilities, PHHS also provides robots that help carry out more specific tasks, such as pool maintenance. Our pool cleaning robots create a safe and clean environment for residents in retirement communities. Pools are important for keeping seniors active and social, and they can assist with physical therapy regimens. Keeping pool facilities clean is vital for the health of residents, but it is also time consuming. The Wave line of robotic pool cleaners uses advanced technology and superior filtration to maintain cleaner, healthier pool water.

Pool Cleaning Robots

Window cleaning isn’t everyone’s favorite job, but it can be with window cleaning robots. Say goodbye to getting your hands dirty, breathing in chemicals, and wiping off streaks. The Hobot window cleaning robots maximize efficiency and cleanliness while reducing cleaning staff’s workload.

Window Cleaning Robots


Meet Resident Needs Efficiently With Delivery Robots

Whether you’re looking for contactless delivery to residents or want to support your staff, delivery robots are an effective solution. Delivery robots work autonomously alongside your staff. These robots can carry dirty laundry to the laundry room, bring clean sheets to residents, or assist with a meal delivery service—the options are endless.

Our Delivery Robots

By utilizing robots, senior living communities can improve service speed, accuracy, and consistency, enhancing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, robots will help keep your residents and staff safe by working around the clock and allowing staff to focus on more complex or personalized guest interactions.

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