PHHS Robots have an Essential Future in Assisted Living Facilities

PHHS Robots have an Essential Future in Assisted Living Facilities

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services was formed in 2020 to keep the hospitality industry running smoothly in challenging times. Without wanting to sacrifice employee and guest safety, PHHS introduced robotic technologies to support staff, improve cleanliness and increase overall efficiency.

Now, PHHS stands uniquely positioned to usher the assisted living community into an even healthier future that is cleaner, smarter, and safer for the health of our senior citizens.

First, we’ll share how robots have revolutionized the hospitality and restaurant industries over the last two years.

industry solutions

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services partnered with the nation’s leading robotic and technology companies to offer innovative solutions for our hotel industry clients. Our curated product line includes UV devices that clean payment terminals in between uses, robots that deliver room service and support restaurant staff, antiviral bedding to protect guests and properties, and much more.

At PHHS, we understand that the hospitality business is about the people they serve and the communities where they are built. So let’s step out into our broader community and see how robots might be helpful in the environments of our most vulnerable citizens.

Robots in Assisted Living

As became evident these past two years, our senior citizen population can be most at risk when it comes to health concerns.

Frequent cleanings are paramount to preventing the spread of infectious diseases and harmful bacteria. But just like the hospitality industry experienced, senior care environments also felt the strain of employee shortages and limited resources.

This is the perfect opportunity for robotics to play a role, not only in sanitizing environments but also in food service.

Robots & Senior Living Sanitization

Robots have many benefits to the cleanliness and sanitization of senior living environments. They can:

  • lift the burden of over-stretched housekeeping staff
  • uphold even higher standards of cleanliness for the health and well-being of seniors

Our Prospera Health and Hospitality Services UV Cleaning Robots can disinfect the air and surfaces within large spaces like a retirement community’s lobby, hallways, and cafeterias through a completely automatic process without any humans. Navigating with precision, this robot can clean an area in as little as 30 seconds. The high-powered lamps destroy microorganisms without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals through a multi-layered approach. This creates a safer environment for senior citizens and the facilities where they live.

Other robots like floor mopping or floor vacuuming robots can clean and disinfect surfaces through vacuuming and mopping. Cleaning robots can work alongside housekeeping staff, allowing them to focus on higher-level disinfection tasks. In turn, housekeeping staff can clean more rooms and community spaces in less time.

Ask About Our Sanitizing Robots

One added mental health benefit is that seniors who are aware of sanitization robots “working” among them help to give them peace of mind, and a stronger sense of security.

Seniors who see robots cleaning the floors of their lobby public restroom, or witness our UV devices sanitizing the hallway, can’t help but feel more at ease in their senior community.

Robots & Senior Living Food Service

With so many seniors often needing food delivered to their room, albeit because of sickness, or just desiring one less trip to the cafeteria, meal delivery is a constant in these environments.

Imagine the benefits of automating these dozens of deliveries with our T4H robot. This little wonder autonomously delivers food orders, linens, pantry items, and more to senior residents. Additionally, it provides a safer working environment for delivery staff who must come face-to-face with sometimes-sick residents.

Other robots like our various waiter robots can bring food to seated seniors throughout the cafeteria. Using its smart-sensing technology, this indoor/outdoor robot can safely navigate through food service spaces to deliver food.

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services offer an array of robotic solutions to meet your needs. Curious how PHHS can help your senior living facility become healthier, safer and more efficient? Reach out to our team at Prospera Health and Hospitality Services.


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