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With automated floor vacuum technology, your floors practically clean themselves. Thorough, hands-free cleaning around the clock gives time back to your staff to focus on higher-value tasks that enhance guest experience and customer satisfaction.


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vacuum 40 autonomous floor vacuum robot

vacuum 40

Industrial strength robotic vacuum cleaner with 0-distance edge cleaning 

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  • 3 cleaning modes (vacuum, sweep & dust mop)
  • Optional multi-purpose air purification & diffuser kit
  • Works on hard floors, low-pile & and high-pile carpet
  • Zero Distance Edging and high-precision sensors
  • 24 KPA suction for picking up fine dust and larger debris
  • H13 HEPA filter
  • Auto-charging docking station
  • Smart obstacle avoidance and rerouting
  • Gausian mobile app remote control


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legee vacuum-mop robot

legee vacuum & mop

With mopping and vacuuming in one, the Legee-688 robot makes everyday cleaning a breeze. 

  • Smart Navigation Technology
  • 7 Cleaning Modes: Standard, Strong, ECO, Kitchen, Dry, Pet, and Polish
  • Controlled by remote control or HOBOT LEGEE App through wifi
  • 4 Step Floor Cleaning
  • Real Time Mapping to track cleaning progress easily 
  • One Year Limited Warranty 
  • Safe for Hardwood Floors

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Phantas all in one

phantas vacuum & mop 

An all-in-one commercial floor cleaner with advanced navigation and cleaning technology

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  • 4 cleaning modes (vacuum, dust mop, scrub & sweep)
  • Automatic charging dock & optional water tank trolley
  • Unrivaled versatility for use all types of floors
  • Compact design cleans narrow aisles & under furniture
  • High-precision edge cleaning with side brush
  • AI machine learning for environmental awareness & real-time localization
  • Auto Spot Cleaning for 4x cleaning efficiency
  • Smart Obstacle Avoidance to prevent collisions
  • Flexible path cleaning modes including zig zag & spiral
  • Gausium Mobile App to control, program, schedule & get reports

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why a vacuuming robot?

why invest in a vacuuming robot?

Robotic assistance can help with monotonous tasks, like vacuuming and mopping, that take up valuable time people could be spending on other things. Not only that, but floor cleaning robots provide a consistent clean you can count on. Who wouldn't want a cleaner, healthier space with no extra effort?

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