Scrubber50 Pro: AI-Powered Robotic Floor Scrubber

Scrubber50 Pro: AI-Powered Robotic Floor Scrubber 

This autonomous floor scrubbing and mopping robot integrates AI machine learning, sensor fusion of 2D LiDAR, 3D and RGB cameras, high-accuracy environmental awareness and the ability to make advanced operation decisions based on dynamic, real-time situations. 

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product features

product features

  • 3 modes (sweep, scrub and mop)
  • Cleans 1,490 sq/m/hr with disc bruch
  • Cleans 2,527 sq/m/hr with roller brush
  • Includes ergonomic manual mode 
  • Optional workspace for self-docking, water refill & discharge
  • 5-stage filtration system uses recycled water 
  • Auto Spot Cleaning mode
  • Smart obstacle avoidance
  • Remote control through the Gausium mobile app

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Floor Types: natural stone, artificial marble/granite, ceramic, PVC, Vinyl, Epoxy and Concrete

cleans all hard floor surfaces

The Scrubber 50 Pro offers superb performance in a broad range of applications.

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why we recommend this robot

Scrubber 50 Pro requires minimal human interference. It perceives environmental changes and updates its route in real time.

Perfect for shopping centers, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, airports, schools, office buildings, transportation hubs, sports halls, and more.

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AI capabilities for adaptive cleaning

Advanced sensors adapt cleaning modes based on your floors' needs while avoiding stationary and moving obstacles. Its groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning mode pinpoints messes and prioritizes cleanup.

built with sustainability and integrity in mind

Made with recycled materials and LFP batteries to last 2,000 cycles. It's water recycling filtration system reduces ~80% freshwater usage. 

control everything from your mobile device

The Gausium mobile app allows you to control everything from your mobile device. You can schedule, program, view reports and more.

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