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autonomous floor scrubbing robots

Implementing robots into your cleaning operations means more than just building consistent cleaning practices. It frees up time for staff to complete other tasks. In addition, robots are a cost-efficient choice due to fewer cleaning chemicals and less water being used. This also makes them safer for your employees and your guests. 

Let robots mop your floors!

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product specs

  • autonomous floor scrubber
  • multi-gallon water capacity
  • cleans over 3 ft. per second
  • at least 3 hours of run time
  • wide LiDAR coverage
  • depth sensors ensure obstacle avoidance

product features

  • large display with high definition touchscreen
  • manual or hands-free cleaning options
  • autonomously recharges and refills the cleaning tank
  • independently empties the waste water tank
  • unique, multi-purpose cleaning robot
take back time with floor scrubbing robots

take back time with floor scrubbing robots

Time is priceless. There are not enough hours in the day to get every task completed and there are limited employees to perform these tasks. Therefore, it is critical to use the time each employee has to its full potential. Automating rote tasks, like mopping floors, frees up hours' worth of work to focus on other things. It is time to take the monotonous, strenuous work away from staff and let robots step in.

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Scrubber 50 pro floor cleaning robot

scrubber 50 pro

Simplify hotel operations with an automated robot mop. The scrubber 50 pro is perfect for restaurants, hotels and resorts, schools, assisted living facilities and more. With automatic power charging and water refilling, this multi-purpose robot can work autonomously alongside other workers. 

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Phantas floor cleaning robot


Phantas is an AI-powered floor-cleaning robot designed to help you optimize cleaning operations while reducing cleaning costs. This all-in-one cleaning solution vacuums, scrubs, sweeps and dust mops floors, even in tight corners. Phantas continues to learn new, smarter navigation options throughout your property, avoiding obstacles while it cleans.

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