The Matradee L: Advanced Food Service Robotics

The Matradee L: Advanced Food Service Robotics

Serve more than just your guests with the new Matradee L. This new model of food-service robot, based on the original Matradee and the Matradee X, continues to innovate the hospitality industry. This unique food service robot serves guests, restaurant workers and the hospitality industry as a whole.

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Eliminating Strenuous and Tedious Tasks for Your Staff

The Matradee L is designed to help serve guests while supporting staff. Think of the amount of time that can be saved not having to walk from the kitchen to the table time-and-time again. The Matradee L can take orders from a distance, pick up orders from the kitchen and deliver them to the correct table. The autonomous robot can also remove dirty dishes, bring them back to the kitchen, and then return to its charging station until it is paged for its next job.

Moreover, the Matradee L is a delight to guests, providing smooth and quick service. This can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Taking orders and delivering food and drinks to your guests
  • Carrying dirty dishes back to the kitchen with its unique ability to open doors
  • Handling payments, orders, checkout and more
  • Learning routes and tasks and navigating around tables, guests and employees
  • Working independently and moving across different floor surfaces and inclines with ease
  • Working alongside staff and other delivery robots

The Matradee L can be customized to meet your restaurant’s needs. Food service robots don’t just delight guests and support staff, they also streamline restaurant operations and increase efficiency, cutting out tedious, time-consuming tasks that can be strenuous to your employees.

Comparing the Different Matradee Models

Although similar, the different Matradee models are each focused on serving different needs of the industry. Here is a brief overview of each Matradee’s specialties:

The original Matradee:

  • Fully autonomous food service robot
  • Smart-sensing technology enables navigating busy areas safely
  • Sturdy, stable design for independent service
  • Customizable trays for optimal efficiency

The Matradee X:

  • Slightly heavier model for increased sturdiness and usability at uneven terrain
  • 2G memory + 16G storage allow to program more routes for increased independence
  • LED blink lights for safer navigation across crowded areas
  • Safe to use outdoors

The Matradee L:

  • Fewer trays allow for bigger (but fewer) loads
  • Designed for a more complex restaurant layout
  • Advanced touch screen with interactive media

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Automate Your Restaurant with Matradee L

The Matradee L is here to support your business in a way that works for you. It won’t replace your employees, it will support them. Transporting items and carrying heavy loads, Matradee L frees up time for your staff that can be focused on your guests instead.

Benefits of Matradee L technology:

  • 12-14 hour battery life and returns to its charging station automatically
  • Compact design with a low center of gravity, allowing it to deftly navigate, even in small, tight spaces
  • Visual Nac and LiDAR allow the robot to easily navigate and interpret its surroundings up to 20 feet ahead
  • Fast reaction time and Machine Vision to avoid obstacles and safely navigate around staff and guests
  • Smart Scheduling computing for maximum efficiency

Matradee Spec Sheet

The Matradee L isn’t limited to increased productivity and decreasing the workload of your employees, it also delights guests. By delivering food in a unique way and allowing staff the time to provide outstanding service, the Matradee L serves everyone!

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