The Autonomous Way

The Autonomous Way

PHHS is introducing independent, reliable, flexible and thorough helpers to the hospitality industry. We don’t look at robots as a gimmick, but rather a new era in hospitality operations. In fact, many of the robotics displayed on the PHHS website are used in the hotels Prospera Hospitality manages. Our aim is to show not just the usefulness of robotics, but also their success.


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Why Robotics?

  • Robots can assist staff in carrying, lifting and transporting goods.
  • UV cleaning creates sterile environments for you and your guests, without the use of chemicals.
  • A user-friendly interface helps you program routes so the robot can work independently.
  • Smart-sensing technology helps robots navigate around obstacles and calculate alternative routes.
  • Robots come with rechargeable batteries and will automatically return to their charging station after completing tasks.
  • Help take over tedious and time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on your guests.

How can my business benefit from robotics?

While the hotel manager arrives and replies to emails, checks out early hotel guests and gives a morning briefing to the crew, robots can already get to work! In order to not only tell, but also show how robots can help the hospitality industry in daily processes, PHHS has set out some important aspects of the daily procedures in the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Services

Many hotels offer restaurant services arranging the first meal of the day for guests: breakfast. With check-out times, flights to catch, meetings to make, and other stresses, mornings can be a chaotic time. It is therefore important that serving breakfast goes as smoothly as possible. Our successful Robot Pilot Program in Steubenville proves that our waiter robots can help navigate restaurant services. Our waiter robots can:

  • Take orders from guests
  • Carry food and drinks to guests
  • Take dirty dishes back to the kitchen
  • Handle payment
  • Automatically recharge, returning to its base when finished with a task

In addition to restaurant services, waiter robots can also respond to room service requests and alternative deliveries.

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Housekeeping and Other Cleaning Services

After each meal, it’s important to restore the cleanliness of the hotel and restaurant. Cleaning and disinfection has become increasingly important, with the need for operating in a safe and healthy environment. In order to do so efficiently, PHHS has looked into alternative cleaning methods and found a way to safely clean and disinfect areas, without chemicals or additional staff required!

PHHS offers the Dust-E robot, which vacuums, mops and disinfects using UV lamps—all at the same time! UV radiation is used to reduce the spread of bacteria, and is now actively being used to kill airborne viruses. PHHS offers a variety of UV disinfection robots, including three self-driving robots.


Room Service and Delivery Services

Throughout the day, guests are making use of room service for food, drinks and supply requests. To keep your staff focused on the task at hand, without interruption, our delivery robots can take room service requests and carry them out autonomously.

Remembering predetermined routes, the robot can navigate across halls, around obstacles, calculate alternative routes if needed, and even use elevators.

The robot can be used to take orders and deliver items to your guests, but can also support your housekeeping staff, carrying towels, laundry and other items to designated areas.

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Visit the Prospera Shop for more robot solutions and alternative products to help the hospitality industry thrive!

Robotics: A Proven Solution to Hospitality Needs

PHHS is already seeing success in the hotels that use robots. Increased efficiency, a decreased workload for workers, and satisfied guests are all leading to revenue growth, efficient time use and improved guest satisfaction. Overwhelming staffing shortages in the hospitality industry can be tackled with the use of robotics. They won’t replace humans, rather they will support them.

Robots can perform rote tasks, freeing employees up to use their energy and skills on other projects. Not only is PHHS excited about introducing robots to the hospitality world, the employees are also relieved to have cobotics do the heavy lifting. Cleaning is quicker and more effective, satisfying guests, employees and managers. In addition, PHHS has received positive feedback from guests, who are impressed with the speed and service of the hotel and restaurant robots.

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