Matradee Robots Ease Restaurant Stress

Matradee Robots Ease Restaurant Stress

Restaurants are currently under immense pressure: from adjusting to the challenges of the on-going pandemic to handling shortages of employees, the restaurant industry needs help. Thankfully, new advances in robotics mean restaurant managers now have an innovative way to help their businesses succeed—meeting cleanliness standards, helping overworked staff, and delighting guests.

Matradee: The Robot Your Restaurant Needs

The Matradee Robot is a foodservice robot that can efficiently and effectively serve guests in crowded dining rooms or even curbside. The robots use smart-sensing technology to navigate hallways, elevators, doorways and dining rooms without bumping into furniture, objects or people. Well-balanced and sleek, they can carry a variety of plates, trays, and even drinks.

The Matradee X is an even sturdier model, which is balanced and capable enough to make curbside food deliveries. With its stable design, optional tray covers, and ability to open doors and navigate obstacles, the Matradee X can free up time employees spent traveling outside of the restaurant, while still offering guests efficient curbside delivery service.

Why Use a Food Service Robot?

Customized to your restaurant, food service robots like the Matradee relieve your staff from performing rote tasks, improving their efficiency, reducing time walking back and forth, and better using their specialized cooking and personal skills. The robot also performs contactless delivery, improving sanitation and safety. Finally, food service robots delight guests, who are known to share lots of “robot waiter” photos on social media!

Happier, more efficient employees. Safer food delivery. Delighted customers. Yes, a robot can do all that.

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