Mars Waiter Robot Serves Your Guests

Mars Waiter Robot Serves Your Guests

The hospitality industry requires constant innovation to meet cleaning and disinfection standards, employment issues, and guests’ demands and interests. New technologies, including innovative robotics, are offering hotels and restaurants the opportunity to keep up with the industry’s needs and prepare for whatever the future may hold.



At Prospera Health and Hospitality Services, we offer various waiter robot models. The Mars Waiter Robot is one of our more technologically advanced models. Mars combines food delivery, orders and promotion. It can even interact with guests using its AI Speech Chip for smart speech synthesis, making it the perfect hospitality companion for any hotel, restaurant or assisted living facility.


Why the Mars Waiter Robot

From taking orders and delivering food and drinks to handling payment and independently navigating around your restaurant, waiter robots really are the future. The Mars Waiter Robot has some unique features to help your restaurant run smoothly.

Here’s how it works:

  • Serve and bus dishes autonomously
  • Four smart trays (22 lbs weight capacity each) with payload sensors
  • 360-degree 3D obstacle avoidance and LIDAR detection
  • HD Screen and a Phone App for placing orders


Designed for Your Restaurant

Our waiter robots are designed with restaurants in mind. Mars is a great example of how a waiter robot can support your staff in various aspects of the job. Taking and delivering food autonomously are great ways of helping to improve operations and increase efficiency.

As a bonus, its sleek design, user-friendliness and independence make Mars the ultimate solution for any restaurant.


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