Enclosed Waiter Robot

Enclosed Waiter Robot

Introducing the Enclosed Waiter Robot

Staffing shortages have waiters and hosts working long hours and tackling extreme workloads. Finding help is necessary, but what are owners to do when applications will not come in? A solution is needed. Prospera Health and Hospitality has the perfect one – waiter robots.

This particular waiter robot was designed with customer needs and satisfaction in mind. Its magnetically latching door creates a 360-degree barrier between customer’s orders and outside particles from kitchen to table. The Enclosed Waiter Robot is a great way to streamline service and enhance customer experience all while keeping food safe.



Enclosed Waiter Robot Features

  • Enclosed trays to keep food safe
  • Precise positioning
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Flexible and accurate obstacle avoidance
  • SLAM rapid mapping
  • Remote deployment
  • Multi-functional for meal delivery, plate collection, customer attraction, table guidance, and tableware distribution
  • Large touchscreen and voice interaction
  • Remote real-time video monitoring
  • Multi-sensor fusion
  • Multi-robot scheduling function
  • Task Capabilities: serve food, bus tables, guide guests



Enclosed Waiter Robot Benefits

  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Streamline Service
  • Decrease Employee Workload
  • Decrease Labor Costs
  • Increase Employee Morale

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