A Valuable Partnership: Robotics Manufacturers and Prospera

A Valuable Partnership: Robotics Manufacturers and Prospera

Robotics Manufacturers and the Hotel Industry

Robotics have already left their mark on quite a few industries in the years such as automation, hospitals, and manufacturing warehouses. Robotic manufacturers are now looking to expand their presence in the hotel industry as a lack of labor has created a huge need for robotic assistance. The question now is — How do these manufacturers make themselves known in hospitality?

They can of course spend money on marketing. They can hire reseller after reseller. But the key in the hotel industry comes down to two simple things — connections and knowledge. Both of which robotics manufacturers will find with Prospera Health and Hospitality as their main distributor.


PHHS Knowledge of Hotelier Needs

Prospera Health and Hospitality (PHHS) is the sister company to Prospera Hospitality (PHS), an established hotel and restaurant management company for over 20 years. The CEO of PHHS, Kevin Kilkeary, brought his knowledge base from Prospera Hospitality into PHHS to better vet out robotics specifically for the hospitality industry. His history in the business allows him to know daily hotel operations better than any other robotics dealer in the nation, which gives his robotic manufacturers the edge they need to cater their products for the end user.

In addition to this, Prospera Hospitality has more than 100 years combined experienced in the hospitality industry as most of its chief officers started in the business when they were just teenagers. Working in the industry for this long has allowed them to build strong and lasting relationships with some of the most high-ranking individuals in the hotel industry.


These are the kind of connections that have been brought into Prospera Health and Hospitality.

These are the type of connections that Prospera Health and Hospitality brings to its manufacturers.

And these are the types of connections manufacturers cannot get anywhere else.


The Benefits of Partnering with Prospera

Robotics Manufacturers who partner with Prospera can expect to...

  1. Obtain direct access to a well vetted group of hotel and restaurant owners and management.
  2. Receive key insight and knowledge on day-to-day hotel operations from a team with over 100 years of experience.
  3. Collect consistent feedback and data on their own products for research and development purposes.
  4. Gain immediate usage of Prospera's hotel demonstration site for client visits. 
  5. Build a lasting relationship with a distributor that strives to learn and grow together.


Demonstration Site

Prospera Health and Hospitality has been diligently working in 2022 to bring the nation’s first ever tech hotel and robotics demonstration site to life near the Pittsburgh Airport. Their vision for this demonstration hotel is to give manufacturers a permanent place to demonstrate their products in a real-life setting rather than carry their products from potential client to potential client. The latter way is not only costly, but it does not give potential clients the full visual on what these robots are capable of once they are being used consistently in the setting they were designed for. By having this permanent demonstration hotel, robotic manufacturers and PHHS can now bring their potential clients to a fully immersive robotic experience. This is especially beneficial to manufacturing partners overseas that do not have a U.S. demonstration site yet.


Consistent Communication

PHHS makes keeping in contact with their manufacturers a top priority. They feel consistent communication between distributor and manufacturer is key to giving their clients not only the best products, but the best demonstration experience as well.

The demonstration site Prospera Health and Hospitality chose is also a hotel that their sister company manages. Therefore, the hotel’s employees are Prospera’s employees, which gives them the leverage to ensure proper usage of the robots. For one robotics manufacturer in particular, the demonstration site has the highest usage statistics in the entire country for their robots. This provides them with great research and development information for what parts of their robots can withstand everyday use and what parts may have to be tweaked to keep up with the daily hotel lifestyle. Information like this ensures companies are keeping up with their clients' needs and continuously improving their products. Manufacturers are not going to get this type of constant communication, hotel knowledge, and robotic usage from any other distributor besides PHHS — not to mention a demonstration site in the hospitality vertical.


Want to see what a partnership with your robotics company and Prospera looks like?




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