UV Cleaning Devices

UV Cleaning Devices

Continuous, Chemical-Free Cleaning Solution Uses the Power of UV Light


For anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning, perhaps no product is easier to use – and friendly for both staff and patrons – than UV Cleaning (UVC) Products. Simple to use, automated, silent and effective, UVC devices fully sterilize commonly touched surfaces and hard-to-clean areas, without the use of water or chemicals.

Whether you need to sanitize a small credit card machine or an entire guest suite, PHHS offers hospital-grade UV light machines for hotels and restaurants.

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Protect Against Viruses

UVC devices eliminate 99.9% of pathogens after one minute and 99.999% of pathogens after two minutes or more, providing a quick and easy way to disinfect equipment and devices. Regular cleaning with low doses of UV light helps to eliminate the transfer of harmful pathogens while being safe for staff and guests.


Cleaning for All Sizes

We offer a range of UVC devices designed to clean small items such as phones and card readers, keys, masks, pens and more. Larger items, such as iPads and keyboards, can be placed in a UVC Cube. For larger objects or entire rooms, UVC cabinets and mobile units clean any object, almost anywhere. UVC disinfection cabinet

Cleaning Electronics While In Use

We offer UVC devices that will scan and clean keyboards, signature pads, computer screens and more, without having to move or unplug anything. Simply attach the UVC light machine above your device, and whenever your device is not in active use, the scanner will apply UV light to eliminate pathogens between uses. UVC payment terminal mount above a keypad

UV Lockers and Cabinets

For larger items and valuable items, hotels and restaurants can use UV lockers, which allow employees to insert objects that need to be cleaned and then wait just a few minutes for 99.999% of pathogens to be destroyed. Clean Cube box with disinfecting UV light inside

Full Room Sanitizer

The upright room sanitizer can scan and sanitize an entire room – from carpet to linens to walls. The device can even be attached to an automated robot to do the scanning and travel automatically. Tall cart with blue UVC sanitizing lights


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Not sure what you need? PHHS offers comprehensive Covid-era consulting services to help hotels and restaurants find the best products to improve every part of the staff and guest experience.


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