Rosie: The Intelligent Vacuum Robot

Rosie: The Intelligent Vacuum Robot
Here are the facts...

Housekeeping is the highest variable cost in commercial real estate today. Room attendants at hotels have the highest injury rates in the hospitality industry and cleaning positions are some of the hardest to fill by employers. These are 3 major issues, but they all have one easy solution.



Meet Rosie

Rosie has the ability fill the gaps in labor by vacuuming rooms and hallways all on its own easing the minds of hotel owners while maintaining a clean environment for guests. By taking the strenuous task of vacuuming away from housekeepers, injury rates decrease while efficiency rates simultaneously increase. Time spent vacuuming can now be spent performing other tasks allowing rooms to be cleaned quicker and more hotel guests rotated in and out. In a case study of a hotel implementing Rosie, 

hotel hallway cleaning time was decreased by 80% &
the number of rooms cleaned per housekeeper increased by 15.4%.




Rosie Features

  • Customizable software
  • Proactive robot service 
  • Collects environmental and operations data 
  • Uses LiDAR technology for obstacle detection and mapping/navigating spaces
  • Machine learning algorithms daily improve cleaning and performance 
  • Equipped with high powered motors and the same batteries as Tesla cars
  • Vacuuming power is strong enough to pick up dirt and grime in 1 pass 
  • Designed with unique wheel capabilities allowing it to move left to right and forwards and backwards
  • Drop-shippable to expedite the deployment process 



Rosie Benefits 

  • Increases efficiency by allotting housekeepers more time to complete other tasks
  • Creates cleanliness standards by making cleaning processes consistent 
  • Aids in the struggle of finding labor and decreases labor costs 
  • Reduces power consumption by up to 60%
  • Increases revenue by creating a quicker turn around time for cleaning rooms


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