Robots Keep Hotels Clean and Guests Happy

Robots Keep Hotels Clean and Guests Happy

Hotels, resorts, casinos and conference centers are dealing with unprecedented challenges right now, balancing the need to attract back customers lost during the pandemic, meet new cleanliness requirements and expectations, handle employment strain, and delight guests in new ways. The advent of advanced new technologies means that robots might provide the solution hospitality properties need now to meet these challenges.

From cleaning to service help, employee support to satisfying guests, hospitality robots are helping hotel owners and changing our industry.

Robots Improve Hotel Cleaning

The Covid-19 pandemic taught us that disinfection is essential not only to the health and safety of hotel staff and guests, but also to the comfort and ease these guests feel when choosing to visit or stay overnight. But disinfecting every guest room, lobby and shared space can require extensive staff time. New UV-cleaning robots, such as the RoverUV Mobile Disinfection Robot, provide rapid, hands-free, effective disinfection using UV light. With no water or chemicals, UV light kills harmful microorganisms found on surfaces and in the air.

Simply have housekeeping staff wipe down surfaces and remove clutter, then summon the RoverUV via an app. The robot will enter rooms to provide full disinfection quickly and automatically -- and then it will report back on which rooms were completed.

With a UV-cleaning robot, your housekeeping staff can focus on cleaning debris and wiping surfaces, while the robot ensures furniture, upholstery, bedding, walls and even the air are fully disinfected.

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Robots Simplify Room Delivery

 With the shortage of qualified restaurant employees, hotel owners are doing all they can to improve working conditions for their staff. One way to do so is to remove rote tasks from already-busy employees, freeing them to focus on their skills and helping guests. Robots can perform several basic tasks, improving efficiency and keeping your staff happy.

Robots like the Matradee and Matradee X can efficiently and safely deliver room service requests ranging from full meals to new linnes, and everything in between. The robots use sensors to navigate hallways, elevators and dining rooms without bumping into furniture, objects or people. Well-balanced and sleek, they can carry a variety of plates, trays, linens and even drinks.


Robots Delight Hotel Guests

Not only can robots perform tasks like linen delivery, they also delight customers eager to see the “next cool thing” during their hotel stay. Room-service robots add a differentiator to your hotel or resort, a reason for guests to want to stay for the experience and then share it with their friends on social media. Hotel properties wanting to stand out from the crowd will want a few robots on staff to assist their staff.

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