Robotics in Health Care & Hospitality Industries

Robotics in Health Care & Hospitality Industries

Robots aren’t new—they’ve just now become accessible

When you think about robots, you may envision a science fiction scene set far in the future. But robots are actually currently in use all around us, and have been for some time. And especially now, as industries adapt to health and sanitation requirements and staff shortages, we’re seeing the emergence of robots not as a novelty, but as an everyday, integral part of many industries.

Like with many other innovations, the health care industry has been leading the way in adopting this new technology. Starting in the 1980s, surgical robots (such as robotic arms) allowed doctors to perform more precise surgeries with better outcomes that improved patient recovery time. In the decades since that time, robots have moved beyond the operating room, playing roles that support health care workers and patient care.

Health care robots can now be seen:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing rooms (either by spraying chemicals or using UV light)
  • Connecting patients to doctors and specialists who are remote
  • Screening and routing patients during telehealth visits
  • Taking basic vitals from patients, especially contagious ones
  • Assisting in rehabilitation exercises
  • And more...

Other industries are taking note. And as the cost of robots plummets and the capabilities of them increase, more companies are adopting the use of robots. At Prospera, we’re seeing the opportunity robots can provide to the hospitality industry, and we are making them more accessible to hotels and restaurants to improve their operations.

We believe that robots are extraordinarily valuable to hospitality because they help to meet many of our industry’s needs, goals and values:

  • Improved sanitation and cleanliness for staff and guests
  • Reduced repetitive tasks for employees
  • Increased efficiency of many operations
  • Improved guest experience (quick, efficient interactions with minimal mistakes)

To explore options in hospitality cleaning robots, see three sanitation robots here.

To see robots working as waiters/room service delivery bot, see the first three food delivery robots shown here.

Prospera Health & Hospitality is committed to improving access to and use of robotics in hospitality. We believe that UV cleaning robots, robot waiters and other advanced technologies can improve hotel and restaurant operations and the guest experience. We know that robots are no longer dreams of the future, but rather currently available technologies that can make life better at your property for both staff and guests. How can we help you adopt robots at your business?

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