New Technology Ensures Hotel Cleanliness

New Technology Ensures Hotel Cleanliness

For a hotel or restaurant to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic, the property must show its commitment to cleanliness, virus-spread reduction, and guest and employee safety. Operating safely requires a lot more than just hand sanitizer and masks – properties must leverage new technologies that help reduce virus spread. By regularly sanitizing every surface, especially the many high-touch surfaces of shared guest spaces, as well as providing digital options for guests to customize housekeeping and other experiences, hotels can demonstrate their commitments to cleaner, healthier guest and staff experiences.

High-touch surfaces are part of the guest experience, so keep them clean

Just think about all the places where viruses can live and spread in a hotel lobby, starting with guest services and the front desk. Guests and staff encounter the front door handle, the guest check-in counter, the credit card signature pad, the passing of luggage to a porter, shared computer kiosks, public coffee machines, and many more interactive spaces.

Hotels by their nature invite in multiple people from all over to a shared space – so cleanliness and virus mitigation are a constant challenge on top of the need to provide top-of-the-line customer service. Our goal is to help your hotel staff meet and exceed your guest's expectations and needs during their hotel stay by leveraging technology.

UV technology cleans high-touch surfaces without disrupting the guest experience

UV disinfection robot cleaning in a hotel.

Thankfully, different types of technology have been developed to help counter virus spread on high-touch, high-use but often highly-sensitive surfaces. When sprays and soaps won’t work, the technology of UV sanitation will.

UV (or ultraviolet) light effectively sterilizes surfaces without the use of water or chemicals. Simple to use, automated, silent and effective, UV cleaning devices are available in a variety of sizes and price points to meet the needs of any hotel or restaurant.

UV cleaning devices can be installed to regularly and effectively sanitize:

  • Computer screens
  • Computer keyboards
  • Luggage
  • Shoes
  • Payment terminals
  • Cell phones and tablets
  • And more

These devices range in size from small units that can be attached above a payment terminal to boxes that can hold small devices to large luggage conveyor belts. Whatever part of your guest experience requires sanitation, UV devices can do so quietly, efficiently and automatically.

Additionally, UV robots and UV mobile units can provide personalized experiences and sanitize entire hotel rooms, lobbies and other large surfaces. Imagine how safe guests will feel knowing a state-of-the-art UV device sanitized the floors, curtains, furniture and all surfaces of their room. 

Reduce virus spread without reducing comfort

The technology advancements in UV cleaning products mean that hotels and restaurants can reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria without adding more chemicals, more staff or more disruptive processes. Simply install UV devices to clean high-touch surfaces, and you’ll not only have a cleaner property, but guests will appreciate the high-tech and effective approach to virus mitigation.

Looking for UV cleaning devices for your hotel or restaurant? Visit our UV product page.


Advancements in air filters

Another available technology that can help combat disease spread in hotels and restaurants is in air filtration devices. New advances in 4-layer air filters means one device can kill up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the air, as well as reduce other air pollutants and odors. Compact, mobile and quiet, filtration units can now be used throughout hotel properties but especially in closed rooms such as gyms, pools and locker rooms to ensure air quality safety.

View AIR Purification Products

Adapting personal digital devices to keep guests safe

Beyond adding new devices such as UV cleaning products and air filters, hotels and restaurants can also use existing technologies to keep guests and staff safe. Prospera Health & Hospitality Services offers consulting services to help set up protocols for safety and cleanliness during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are available to offer custom solutions for your restaurant or property, we make general recommendations on how to better use technology for virus mitigation and improved guest experiences. Our suggestions include:

  • Allow guests to use their smartphones for a touchless check-in and check-out experience.
  • Add in-room tablets or devices that allow guests to customize their stay and reduce potential exposures – from scheduling housekeeping to choosing if they need new towels. Allowing guests to choose cleaning times (or refuse mid-stay cleaning) can prevent potential virus spread to and from the housekeeping staff. Pushing notifications to the room can prevent unnecessary or unwanted staff visits or interactions.
  • When possible, eliminate the need for signatures on credit cards or digital pads. 

With the technology available in the current age, we have the tools at hand to combat the spread of viruses in hotels and restaurants. By adjusting protocols, leveraging existing tablet and phone technology, and integrating UV cleaning systems, hotels can ensure a safer staff and guest experience without compromising guests’ comfort or service expectations.

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