Hobot 298 Window Cleaner

Hobot 298 Window Cleaner

Cleanliness Matters

80% of hotel visitors say that cleanliness is THE most important factor when choosing where to stay. Guests want to see spotless floors, dust free counters, squeaky clean bathrooms, and shiny windows from the moment they walk in. However, some aspects of cleaning can sadly be overlooked or not done properly for the shear fact of lack of staff to complete those tasks. That is where robotic assistants, like the Hobot, come in to play. Taking monotonous tasks, like window cleaning, away from the staff that is present allows them the opportunity to complete other tasks that may usually get overlooked. A clean facility creates a more welcoming atmosphere which creates happier guests which generates better reviews/repeat customers which increases revenue. And what hotel owner wouldn't want that? 


Hobot from the side with a squiggly line coming from the bottom right of it to demonstrate how it moves over an uneven surface.

Hobot-298 Features

  • Nebulizes water into a 15 micrometer dense mist to dissolve dust and polish windows without leaving watermarks
  • Powerful vacuum technology allows HOBOT to stand on the surface of glass while simultaneously sucking out dust and impurities
  • Equipped with automatic edge detection with AI smart route planning 
  • Includes a long power cord for 20ft of distance (up to 40ft with available extensions) 
  • Safety carabiner and cord attached 
  • Bluetooth APP remote control (physical remote included as well)





Hobot-298 Benefits

  • Decreases labor costs
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Decreases workload of current staff
  • Creates consistent cleaning practices 


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