Autonomous Disinfecting with New Robotics Technology

Autonomous Disinfecting with New Robotics Technology

Ever wondered how you can optimize your cleaning staff’s time, without compromising on cleanliness? Prospera Health and Hospitality Services (PHHS) knows the challenges the hospitality industry faces on a daily basis, and is determined to provide support with unique and creative solutions.

Introducing Dust-E: the Disinfecting Ultra-autonomous Sweeping Technology - Express

Dust-E is an autonomous disinfection robot that can help tackle some of the hospitality industry’s increasing challenges at once. The robot thoroughly cleans surfaces by vacuuming, mopping and using its unique feature of UV disinfection. Not only is the autonomous cleaning robot highly efficient, it also lowers human exposure to potentially harmful cleaning products and dangerous pathogens.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Dust-E independently drives around, making cleaning a completely automated process.
  • The high-powered UV lamps destroy any harmful bacteria and viruses in its surroundings.
  • Smart-sensing technology allows the robot to avoid obstacles, and calculates alternative routes as needed.
  • The Dust-E can clean up to 30,000 square feet per battery charge and automatically returns to its charging station after completing cleaning tasks.

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Features of the Dust-E disinfection robot

The Dust-E can be used in a variety of industries, including schools, airports, medical facilities, hotels and restaurants. With the convenience of Dust-E being able to clean without supervision, your housekeeping staff will limit their exposure to pathogens and to harsh cleaning chemicals. Plus, the robot will save significant time, freeing staff up for more complex tasks. The Dust-E can vacuum, mop and use its UV disinfection simultaneously for optimal efficiency, and it can easily be programmed to clean predetermined routes.


Features of the Dust-E:

  • Vacuums, mops and uses UV disinfection simultaneously for optimal efficiency.
  • UV lamps help kill bacteria, sanitizing surfaces so your guests can walk into clean rooms at all times.
  • Cleaning water is recycled and purified with UV-light inside Dust-E itself for eco-friendly sanitation.
  • Can be controlled through a web portal on a laptop, phone, or tablet during mapping.
  • The smart-sensing technology allows for the robot to navigate around obstacles with great precision, and calculates alternative routes accordingly.
  • Safe to use in the vicinity of people.

The First Autonomous Cleaning Robot of its Kind

Dust-E is designed to take on the job of cleaning areas of all sizes. The autonomous robot offers a safe and thorough way to kill bacteria and viruses in large or small areas without the need for human intervention.

Let Dust-E support your cleaning staff and improve overall cleanliness and efficiency. The Dust-E is a great example of a robot that can support housekeepers or cleaners by taking on part of the workload, as well as reducing their contact with harsh chemicals and potential pathogens. Its powerful UV lamps destroy bacteria and viruses, but are not harmful to humans or animals.

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