UV Robots Disinfect Any Surface Without Chemicals

UV Robots Disinfect Any Surface Without Chemicals

UV Robots Disinfect Any Surface—No Water, Chemicals or Workers Required

RoverUV Autonomous Disinfection Robot

The future of disinfection is now here with robots, specifically, UV robots. UV light disinfection requires no water or chemicals yet kills harmful microorganisms found on surfaces and in the air. UV cleaning robots like the RoverUV Mobile Disinfection Robot provide rapid, hands-free, effective disinfection.

The RoverUV robot can disinfect large hotel spaces, such as lobbies, hallways, or cafeterias, as well as the air in rooms—all with no need for human interaction. Intelligent sensors enable the RoverUV to avoid obstacles while performing disinfection safely. Additionally, the robot records and reports data so staff can track the robot's runtime, location, and disinfection history.

Hotel managers can feel at ease that important common spaces have been fully disinfected from harmful viruses and germs. Employees will be relieved of the constant need to clean surfaces with water and chemicals. Guests will be delighted and feel secure by the presence of leading cleaning technology.

Take the challenges of employee time, energy, and supplies out of hotel cleaning by employing an autonomous UV-cleaning robot. Learn how robots can help meet your cleaning needs by contacting Prospera Health & Hospitality services today.

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