CleanRest Mattress Encasements

CleanRest Mattress Encasements

Anti-Viral Bedding

Keep guests safe and assets protected with mattress encasement covers. These waterproof covers protect mattresses from liquids and stains, making them more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, CleanRest mattress encasement act as a barrier against allergens, reducing common allergy symptoms caused by dust mites. The super soft and comfortable material is also bacteria resistant and virus repelling, making them safe to sleep on for guests, and safe to work with for staff.

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Leave No Space for Surprises Left Behind by Guests

Although it is standard protocol to change out bedsheets after each guest, and even throughout someone’s stay, if desired, washed bed sheets alone aren’t enough to ensure cleanliness. To ensure hygienic conditions, a hotel room shouldn’t just be clean, it should be disinfected. Quality mattress covers are one of the least expensive yet most effective ways to ensure bed cleanliness. 

CleanRest mattress covers are waterproof, meaning no stains or liquids will be absorbed by, or even touch, the mattress. They have the same effect on allergens, viruses and bed bugs. Although a guest might be sick, this unique bedding acts as a barrier to make sure upcoming guests, as well as housekeeping staff, remain safe and healthy.

Three CleanRest images for anti-viral bedding discussing features like pest control, MicronOne technology, and zip-n-click zippers.


Protective Features

CleanRest mattress encasements include these protective features:

  • PRO Encasement acts as a barrier against allergens, viruses and bed bugs.

  • MicronOne Technology protects mattresses against wetness and stains

  • Zip-N-Click technology makes it easy to replace and clean, reducing housekeeping work

  • Covers increase mattress’s durability, lowering operational costs

The mattress covers come in various sizes and thicknesses to match different seasons and hotels. PHHS offers a range of CleanRest antiviral bedding on our website.





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