A Bright Future for Robots in the Classroom

A Bright Future for Robots in the Classroom

Prospera Health and Hospitality Services grew out of the need to keep our hospitality partners running during the pandemic, without sacrificing safety.

How did we do it?

Through the introduction of robotic technologies.

Our curated product line includes UV devices that clean payment terminals in between uses, robots that deliver room service and support restaurant staff, antiviral bedding to protect guests and properties, and much more.

Now, PHHS stands uniquely positioned to usher our robotic technologies into educational facilities. This includes helping our youngest citizens and learners stay healthy and thriving in their daycares, preschools, K-12 learning environments, and even colleges and universities.

School environments can become breeding grounds for airborne and surface-level pathogens which can cause major outbreaks of flu, COVID, gastrointestinal “bugs,” and the common cold.

Our robotic solutions can ease the strain of facility workers attempting to keep up with keeping surfaces clean. Let’s dive into how these robots can play a vital role in the health and productivity of educational environments.

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Keeping Schools Cleaner with Robots

Frequent cleanings are essential in school environments, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the mounting “germ-sharing” that occurs in the proximity of these environments.

Take the recent flu wave during the fall of 2022. Some schools saw a significant reduction in attendance because of the widespread outbreaks that occurred. Not only did this affect students, but teachers, bus drivers, and school faculty as well.

When outbreaks or sicknesses of any kind occur, it can make schools less productive and efficient.

This is where our PHHS robotic solutions can have enormous benefits on the cleanliness and sanitization of educational environments. Our robotics:

  • uphold even higher standards of cleanliness for the health and well-being of students
  • lift the burden of over-stretched custodial staff
  • and step into roles that can be hard for educational institutions to fill.

How do our robots work?

The Prospera Health and Hospitality Services UV Guardian robot is an ideal addition to a school facility. It can disinfect the air, as well as surfaces within large spaces like a school lobby, gym, cafeteria, hallway, and classroom. The UV Guardian functions through a completely automatic process without any humans being needed.

Navigating with precision, this robot can clean an area in as little as 30 seconds. The UV Guardian’s high-powered lamps destroy microorganisms without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals through a multi-layered approach. This creates a safer environment for students, staff, and faculty to continue uninterrupted.

How Robots Help to Support Custodial Staff

The goal is never to replace any staff, but only to help support them and the facility they serve.

Custodians far and wide will love our cleaning robots. It cleans and disinfects surfaces like bathrooms, cafeterias, and classroom floors through vacuuming and mopping using UV disinfection.

It can work independently of, or alongside custodial staff. This allows custodians to clean school spaces in a shorter amount of time, or to focus on higher-level tasks.

What will Students Think?

You can imagine the thrill on students’ faces as robots chart their next course down the hallways of their school.

And the Robotics Club? We imagine they’ll be nothing short of all-abuzz over this new technology helping to keep their schools healthy and sanitized.


Curious how PHHS can help your educational facility be cleaner and more efficient? Reach out to our team at Prospera Health and Hospitality Services.

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