Pool Cleaning Robots in Retirement Communities

Pool Cleaning Robots in Retirement Communities

Clean Water for Healthy, Happy Residents

A safe, clean environment plays an integral role in the comfort level of senior citizens in their retirement communities. They want to know that their health is being looked after while still enjoying the daily activities they love. Pools are not only a way for residents to stay active, but also a great tool for physical therapy and a space to socialize with other people. Because of this, no retirement community wants to have to temporarily close their pool and upset their residents due to murky water or chemical imbalances. So how can facilities prevent this?

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A Solution with a Splash—Robotic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning a pool can be very time consuming. For an industry also suffering from the global labor shortage, finding the help to keep up with pool maintenance at a retirement community can be challenging. The existing staff at these communities are often being pulled in other directions, leaving the state of pool cleanliness with something to be desired. Pool vacuum robots are a solution that can guarantee a consistent clean without taking up a lot of additional time from the cleaning staff. Just plug it in and place it in the water—the pool cleaning robot will do the rest. Most models don't just stop at the pool bottom though. These pool robots scrub the walls, the scum line, filter debris, and even mix the water as they move to keep the chemicals in balance. Incorporating one of these robotic pool cleaners into a maintenance routine is so easy and will keep the pool open and clean for residents to enjoy. 



Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot Models

Wave pool cleaning robots are energy efficient, easy to use, and utilize patented cleaning technology to provide complete coverage of the pool. With several models to choose from, they are ideal for all pool sizes.

Wave 60:  Pools up to 50 feet

Wave 80:  Pools up to 68 feet

Wave 100:  Pools up to 88 feet

Wave 120:  Pools up to 121 feet

Wave 140:  Pools up to 127 feet

Wave 80 robotic pool cleaner.

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