Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robots

Autonomous Floor Scrubbing Robots

Take Back Time 

Time to anyone, especially business owners in today's world, is priceless. There are not enough hours in the day to get every task that needs done completed and there definitely are not enough employees to work on these tasks in general. Therefore, it is critical to use the time each employee has to its full potential. Automating rote tasks, like floor scrubbing, frees up hours worth of work to do jobs that were getting pushed to the side or not being completed period. It is time to take the monotonous, strenuous work away from staff and allow them to focus on the important customer facing jobs that transform how people see a business. 


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The R3 Scrub

FeaturesProduct image of The R3 Scrub

  • Autonomous Floor Scrubber
  • 23.6"L x 17.71"W x 31.88"H
  • 5.54 gallon water capacity
  • 3.2 ft. per second speed
  • Scrub Mode: 3 hour run time, up to 12,916 sq.ft./hr.
  • Dust Mop Mode: 7 hour run time, 19,375 sq.ft/hr.
  • Large Display: interactivity, and customization allows for display greetings, key messages, or company name
  • Autonomous setting allows for hand-free cleaning and self-docking
  • Manual setting features a stainless-steel handle making hands-on control easy
  • Automatically charges, drains waste water tank, and refills cleaning tank
  • Can operate through the built in touchscreen or the LionsClean App

Perfect For...

Select Serve Hotels-Resorts, Schools, Small-Medium Banquet Halls, Office Buildings, Assisted Living Facilities

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The Rex

FeaturesProduct image of The Rex

  • 65.94"L x 34.25"W x 57.99"H
  • 8-10 hours of run time
  • 4.5 ft per second
  • 37 gallon solution tank
  • 8 hour charging time
  • 656 ft of LiDAR coverage
  • 31 inch scrub brush cleaning width
  • 176 lbs of scrubbing power to remove tough stains
  • LiDAR (Light Sensors) and Cameras (Depth Sensors) to ensure obstacle avoidance
  • 3 control options: high-definition touchscreen, manual cleaning mode, and LionsClean App
  • Autonomously recharges, empties the waste water tank, and refills the solution tank

Perfect For...

Ballrooms, Large Banquet Halls, Convention Centers, Warehouses, Shopping Malls

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  • Builds consistent cleaning practices
  • Creates more time for staff to complete other tasks
  • Cost efficient due to less cleaning chemicals and less water used 
  • Safer due to less chemical usage 


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