T4H Robot Improves Hotel Room Service Delivery

T4H Robot Improves Hotel Room Service Delivery

A Simple Way to Improve Hotel Room Service—for Staff and Guests

PHHS continues our goal to improve the hospitality industry through technology. And with today’s challenges—including the need for increased sanitation efforts and the ongoing struggle to find enough staff—advanced technology solutions, such as hospitality robots, offer the solution many hotels need.

One such solution we’ve found is the T4H Room Service Delivery Robot. This sleek, advanced and autonomous robot provides safe, contactless delivery to hotel rooms, delighting guests and reducing staff needs.

Features of the T4H robot

  • Autonomously delivers room service, outside food orders, linens, pantry items, and more 
  • Summons and operates elevators all on its own 
  • Customizable exterior
  • Carries up to 150lbs.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring service
  • Compartments are self-contained and configurable 
  • Built on a proven navigational platform 
  • Stainless steel shelves and door dividers 
  • Equipped with a touchscreen and barcode scanning
  • Customizable ordering and fulfillment browsers
  • Travels down guest hallways sideways to allow for optimal walking space
  • Easily removeable spines in each large compartment allowing 2-4 individual guest orders
  • Large compartment dimensions: 29"W x 17"D x 13.5"H

How does the T4H room service delivery robot work?

  1. Guests scan the barcode in their room and order whatever they need. They can also call down to the front desk to order or ask to have their outside food delivered to their room. 
  2. Guests can track their orders so they know exactly where they are.
  3. The guest orders then come through the browser at the front desk which notifies the staff member. 
  4. The staff member fulfills the order, loads the T4H, sets the room destination, and sends it on its way. 
  5. Guests are notified and sent a pin code/QR code to use when their order arrives. 
  6. Once the order arrives, guests scan their code, the door to their order is unlocked, and the T4H is on its way to its next destination. 

Why would my hotel want a room service delivery robot?

While a robot may seem like a thing of the future, these robots are most definitely at work today —able to improve efficiency of your hotel operations as soon as they arrive. The T4H room service robot wows guests, often increasing room service requests (and thus, revenue) as guests want to experience the service. The robot also relieves the staffing need to make deliveries all over the hotel at all times of day and night. And importantly, the T4H provides a contactless service solution, which many guests prefer.

Ready to learn more about the T4H Room Service Robot, or other hospitality robotics solutions?

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