Better Hotel Health During COVID-19

Better Hotel Health During COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our daily lives in many ways, both as individuals and businesses, and it’s clear that the effects will be long-lasting. As we now must figure out how to live and work safely in the world of COVID, many industries are struggling to meet the new demands of enhanced safety precautions, contactless technologies, and CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfection. The increased frequency and intensity of coronavirus cleaning protocols might create additional costs for hotels, but they are necessary for the health and well-being of guests and employees, as well as for the health and sustainability of the hospitality industry.

Some hotels might feel overwhelmed by these additional operational challenges, which might cause them to overlook certain risk factors. This is where Prospera Health and Hospitality Services (PHHS) can help. With years of experience in hospitality management and established relationships with medical equipment manufacturers, we are uniquely positioned to help hotels achieve medical-grade cleanliness without sacrificing quality or comfort. No matter the size, location, or brand of your hotel, PHHS offers a comprehensive consulting process and a cleaning product inventory to help your hotel meet the demands of coronavirus cleaning and precautionary measures.


Coronavirus Cleaning Protocols in Hotels

With so many high touch surfaces and shared spaces, hotels already have a lot to cover in their routine cleaning schedule. Now they must enhance their cleaning protocols to more thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces multiple times per day to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In addition to a more thorough and frequent cleaning regimen, hotels must also implement precautions to ensure that employees are healthy and following appropriate social distancing practices and protective measures. Every hotel must develop a comprehensive strategy for following CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfection, as well as updating workplace policies to prevent and reduce coronavirus transmission. This plan must include how to educate employees and how to respond to potential exposures or confirmed COVID-19 infections among guests and employees.

Hotels must also consider the comfort of their guests and how to ensure a healthy environment without compromising hospitality. In order for guests to feel comfortable staying in a hotel, they must feel confident in the quality of cleanliness and safety precautions taken throughout the facility. This means the difference in pre-COVID and post-COVID hotel cleaning protocols must be visible to guests. Not only should high-touch surfaces, common areas, and hotel rooms look clean and neat, but hotel staff should be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). The hotel’s policies for cleaning and disinfection and the enforcement of proper safety precautions should be clearly communicated to all guests and visitors. Hotels must consider all of these factors and more in order to effectively prevent and reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in their facilities while also making guests feel safe and comfortable.

Consulting Services for Hotels

Developing a plan that identifies and addresses all risk factors and potential exposures to COVID-19 is just the first step. Once a hotel finalizes their comprehensive response plan, they still must effectively implement the plan, maintain their new operating standards, and continually evaluate and revise their strategies to ensure enhanced cleaning procedures and hotel policies are successful. PHHS consulting services were developed to assist hotels with this potentially overwhelming process. Our comprehensive audit will ensure your hotel leaves no stone unturned in developing and implementing new COVID-19 cleaning protocols and operating procedures for maintaining the safety of guests and associates. We will also recommend products and protective equipment based on your hotel’s specific needs to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of your facility without sacrificing guest comfort.

COVID-19 Cleaning Products

A central component to achieving medical-grade cleanliness is, of course, the quality of cleaning products and disinfectants used. Hotels will need to demonstrate to guests that they have improved their cleaning protocols, equipment, and operating supplies and are equipped to thoroughly mitigate any possibility of COVID-19 transmission. PHHS has carefully curated a line of cleaning products and technology to help hotels achieve these goals, including EPA-registered disinfectants, medical-grade cleaning solutions, personal protective equipment (PPE), and UVC machines. Our consultations are tailored to each individual hotel to determine the appropriate products and quantity needed to meet best practices and ensure a safe and healthy environment for guests and employees.

Coronavirus Cleaning Consultations

At PHHS, we believe our unique experience and industry knowledge can help hotels return their operations to a sustainable and healthy state despite the challenges imposed by COVID-19. We would love the opportunity to help you find the products and solutions your hotel needs to reduce risk while providing the same quality of hospitality. Contact us for more information about our products and services or to schedule a consultation.

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