R3 Vac in Education

R3 Vac in Education

A Clean Environment for Safe Learning

Children in the United States spend roughly 1,000 hours a year at school out of the average 6,000 hours a year they are awake. That is almost 42 days a year! With so much time spent there, it is vital for educational facilities to stay clean, not only for their students, but for their teachers and faculty as well. With everyone struggling to find staff, schools need extra help in keeping their facilities clean. The R3 Vac robot is part of the solution. 


The R3 Vac in Schools

Cleaning entire school buildings can be time consuming and labor intensive. Educational facilities often have to stretch their staff thin due to the task load outweighing the number of employees. The R3 Vac can take care of one of the most time-consuming jobs, vacuuming, and give that time back to the cleaning staff for other tasks. Using advanced LIDAR technology, the R3 Vac navigates autonomously to vacuum commercial size spaces efficiently and effectively. Instead of one worker spending their whole shift vacuuming, they can now wipe down desks, clean bathrooms, disinfect classrooms, and so much more. The R3 Vac is quiet enough to run during the day without disrupting classrooms. It even cleans the air while it runs thanks to its built-in HEPA filter.



R3 Vac Features

  • Dual brushes and side brushes
  • Built-in HEPA filter and premium microfiber single-use dust filter bags
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Nimble and compact to go underneath tables (28.74" tall)
  • 3.5 hr. battery life
  • Only a 59DB noise level for quiet cleaning 
  • Large display screen
  • Autonomous setting allows for hands-free cleaning and self docking 
  • Manual setting features a stainless-steel handle making the hands-on control easy
  • Can operate through the built-in touchscreen or the LionsClean App
  • Hands-free start up when paired with new Magic Tags—The only robot on the market with this technology!

Key Benefits of Cleaning Robots

  • Allows for a more frequent, consistent cleaning
  • Decreases employee workload
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Creates a clean learning environment
  • Intrigues students
  • Gives parents and faculty peace of mind


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