Products to Keep Employees Safe During COVID-19

Products to Keep Employees Safe During COVID-19

Prospera Health & Hospitality understands that no business can stay open to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic without assurances that their staff and associates will remain safe. We offer a variety of antiviral and cleaning products for hotels and restaurants. We also offer personal protective equipment (PPE) and UV-cleaning devices designed for disease control and prevention to protect the health and safety of all staff members and hotel employees.

PPE for Hotel Employees and Restaurant Staff

PHHS’s curated inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) are designed to keep hotel staff members – from front desk to housekeeping to food servers – protected from exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses. We sell disposable gloves and face masks, including surgical masks, that managers can provide to staff members to ensure safety and compliance. We also carry glass face shields, which protect employees while still offering guests the welcoming, engaging sight of a warm smile.


Cleaning Devices for High-Touch Surfaces

In the hotel and restaurant industry, guests and associates often have to touch the same surfaces, such as credit card machines, keyboards, signature pads, pens and more. Prospera offers a variety of UV-cleaning devices that effectively clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces and high-touch devices without the use of water. Simply install a UV cleaning wand or UV light over a high-touch surface, and UV light will automatically clean the surfaces and devices to prevent the transfer of bacteria and viruses.

Shop UV Cleaning Devices

Find PPE and cleaning devices for your hotel or restaurant

Prospera Health & Hospitality was formed from the established Prospera Hospitality brand specifically to help hotels and restaurants survive – and even thrive – during the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer expert consultation online or over the phone to help you shop for the best cleaning, sanitation and safety products for your hotel or restaurant. If you need any guidance in choosing the right antiviral or high-touch surface cleaning products, or would like to place a bulk order, contact us today.

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