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Is your restaurant understaffed, or are you looking for creative solutions to improve guest service? With restaurant robots like the Matradee, you can create a safer environment and increase efficiency without overworking your wait staff.

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Matradee Robot Waiter

Autonomous food service robots like the Matradee reduce the strain on your wait staff while improving the guest experience. The Matradee is customizable and easy to incorporate into your existing restaurant workflow. It can open doors to take food deliveries from kitchen to table and uses smart-sensing technology to detect and maneuver around obstacles in its path.

A restaurant robot will allow you to:

  • Minimize health risks for guests and staff by providing contactless food delivery
  • Reduce physical strain on employees by carrying heavy plates and serving dishes
  • Increase staff efficiency and improve service
  • Automate your curbside pickup

Through cutting-edge robotics technology, Prospera Health & Hospitality offers safe and effective solutions for restaurants and the hospitality industry. Learn how autonomous food service robots can enhance your restaurant or hotel. Request more information or schedule a FREE online consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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