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Transform your guests' experience with high-tech service. Hotel and restaurant robots help you provide a safer and more efficient work environment. Which robot is right for your property? Download a brochure below or contact us to learn about the benefits of hospitality robots.

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Matradee waiter robot stacked with food plates.

Matradee Food Service Robot

Matradee is a fully-autonomous food service robot that will benefit everyone in your restaurant. Smart-sensing technology enables Matradee to navigate busy dining rooms to deliver food and bus tables. Free up your wait staff for other tasks, and provide more attentive customer service.

  • Smart-sensing technology navigates obstacles & opens doors
  • Customizable lights & voicing
  • 10-14 hour battery life
  • Sturdy, stable design
  • QR code integration

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UV Guardian Autonomous Disinfection Robot UV Guardian disinfection robot.

Protect your guests and employees with quick and effective UV disinfection. With a completely automated process, the UV Guardian is able to disinfect large spaces, including lobbies, hallways and cafeterias, without any human interaction. The high-powered UV lamps destroy harmful microorganisms in the air and on surfaces without toxic or corrosive chemicals, keeping your property safer and healthier.

  • Smart-sensing technology navigates with precision
  • Disinfects areas in as little as 30 seconds
  • Automated safety controls
  • Programmable maps & cleaning schedule
  • Automatically returns to charging station

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dust-e disinfection robotDust-E Cleaning and Disinfection Robot

Dust-E is an autonomous disinfection robot that can help tackle some of the hospitality industry’s increasing challenges at once. The robot thoroughly cleans surfaces by vacuuming, mopping and using its unique feature of UV disinfection. Not only is the autonomous cleaning robot highly efficient, it also lowers human exposure to potentially harmful cleaning products and dangerous pathogens.

  • Independently navigates, cleans and disinfects
  • High-powered UV lamps effectively destroy bacteria and viruses
  • 10-14 hour battery life
  • Smart-sensing technology avoids obstacles
  • Cleans up to 30,000 square feet per battery charge


Solutions for Safer Hotel & Restaurant Operations

With cutting-edge robotics technology, Prospera Health & Hospitality Services can help you welcome guests safely and comfortably while also protecting the health of your staff. Hotel and restaurant robots can work alongside your staff to create a positive guest experience and healthier work environment.

Whether you need UV disinfection robots to efficiently clean guest rooms, delivery robots to safely fulfill room service requests, or a robot waiter to serve plates during the lunch rush, PHHS can help you find the right solutions for your property. Request more information or schedule a FREE online consultation to discuss your property's specific needs.

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